ASE Full Color Spectrum LED Strips For Growing Food

ASE LED Strips are the best in class low voltage, very efficient and powerful LED grow lights. These LED Strips have a high color rendering index (CRI) 96 - 97, which is a real full spectrum similar to pure sunlight. They are specifically designed for use in high-grade food farming production. They work very well for vertical grow light curtain applications, with even light distribution and low heat output. These can be used to grow any crops from tomatos to basil to cannabis.  Our strips can be mixed and matched with different light spectrums to customized your lighting needs for various crops.

These wet location LED Strips can be used for complete replacement of fluorescent T-5 fixtures or HPS/metal halide lights for indoor grow facilities.

ASE LED Strips can also be used for greenhouse season extension and supplemental lighting to increase your production and growth cycle. This assists your plants in the off-season lower light conditions, to continue to grow at their peak potential.

The low voltage means you can save money on your installations by running your food growing strip kits with low voltage wires without the need for conduit. Our 38-42V strips are also perfect for 48V solar systems using our custom made constant current driver for each strip.

For AC installations, our ETL listed Strip Kits use 4 strips per individual LED Class 2 driver.

These strips allow you to do a variety of vertical or horizontal installation setups.

ASE 4’ Strip Specification:

• 24 Watts at 5000K • 97.0 CRI
• 2796.7 Lumens, 120.5 Lumen Efficacy (lm/w) • 410 Par (6”), 310 Par (12”), 225 Par (18")
 on 4 Strip per shelf 2’ x 4’ shelves

Grow these crops in your indoor farms - Lettuce, Strawberries, Broccoli, Basil and many more.



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