ASE Full Color Spectrum Cannabis Clone Strip LED Grow Lights

Start Right with ASE LED Aluminum Clone Strips

ASE LED Cannabis Clone Strips are the best in class low voltage, super efficient and powerful LED grow lights. These LED Strips have a high color rendering index (CRI) Ra 97-98, which is a real full spectrum of white light with great color temperature. They are specifically designed for use in high-grade horticulture production.

In this new and quickly expanding Medicinal Cannabis Horticultural industry, power consumption has become a huge industry factor. Approximately 25%-30% of the overhead for growing a plant is this Electricity power usage cost.It is said that as much as 5% - 6% of all US electricity is used to grow these useful plants. This power usage is for both the medical and the recreational horticultural industry. Power companies will soon begin to fine growers with high electrical usage by implementing higher tier tariffs. This will cost the growers big time.

Our full color spectrum LEDs, give the plant the total full color light that they need for healthy Photosynthetic growth, using less than half the power to do it.

Many states such as Oregon, Washington state and California are offering rebates for grow facilities that use these power saving LEDs. They offer rebates from 30%-35% and higher if a facility uses these LEDs. This means if a facility buys $100,000 of our LEDs they will receive a rebate of $30,000 - $35,000. They will also save   50% - 60% on power usage for over 5 years.

This is a huge savings in capital for growers setting up a new facility. You will find our ETL and UL listed grow lights on many of these state government sites.  ASE is a manufacturer and offers our own rebates for many other states. Please contact us directly for wholesale pricing and rebates in your area.

 "ASE LED grow lights have been great and our setup is working killer! We are having a hard time keeping up with orders. The quality of cuts and light transition for plants is remarkable. We are thinking ASE LED grow lights are a real game changer!"      
-Travis Poe, HendRx Farm

HendRx Farm, Humboldt County's top medical cannabis cooperative uses ASE manufactured LED Clone Rack Kits to light their nursery.

These waterproof LED Clone Strips can be used for complete replacement of florescent T-5 fixtures or HPS/metal halide lights for inside vegging to grow moms, clones, or any starts in a completely controlled environment.

ASE LED Clone Strips can also be used for greenhouse season extension and lighting supplement to increase your production and growth cycle. This assists your plants, especially in the off-season and lower light conditions, to continue to grow at their peak potential.

The low voltage means you can run your clone strip kits with low voltage wires without the need for conduit. Our 36-42V strips are also perfect for 48V solar systems using our custom made driver for each strip. Our ETL listed Clone Strip Kits use 4 strips per individual LED driver.

These strips allow you to do a variety of hanging and install setups. ASE 4’ Clone Strip Specifications

• 24 Watts
• 98 CRI

• 5000 Kelvin
• 2796.7 Lumens, 120.5 Lumen Efficacy (lm/w)
• 410 Par (6”), 310 Par (12”), 225 Par (18") on 4 Strip Rack



ASE does not condone any illegal growing activities. Check with your local law enforcement before starting your farm.


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