Veg Cycle Rack With 97 CRI 5000K LED Strips


ASE uses 8 or 15 strips per 4 foot x 4 foot aluminum rack.  Or 32 strips for our 8 foot x 4 foot aluminum rack.  These waterproof strips are attached by their clips to 2 pcs of aluminum L channel. These evenly distributed strips across the rack allow a completely even light covering the canopy in a way that few other lights can do.  There is no hot spot, only even light over the complete bed area. 

These racks are adjustable and they are raised and lowered above the plant canopy with a rope pulley system.  This allows the lights to remain close to the canopy as it grows. With our LEDs, there is no danger of burning the plants even if they touch the lights.

200 Watt 8-Strip 4' x 4' Hanging Rack - 230 PAR At 16" Above Canopy


400W 15-Strip 4' x 4' Hanging Rack - 430 PAR At 16" Above Canopy




400 Watt 4' x 4' Flower Rack With 97 CRI

5000K & 3700K Mixed LED Strips

Many of our growers have had great success using our lights from the Veg Cycle and continuing right through from veg to the Flower Cycle and on to harvest without even moving the plants.

430-700 PAR 16" to 6" Above Canopy




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